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<!--:bg-->Производствена презентация<!--:--><!--:en-->Production Presentation<!--:--><!--:de-->Produktionspräsentation<!--:-->Производствена презентацияПроизводствена презентация

Production Presentation

Castings production includes:
- Standard casting technology: sand-bentonite mixture with machine or manual moulding
- CO2 process for manual production of moulds
Cores are produces by:
- oil core mixtures
- CO2 process
- Kroning - process - machine H2,5

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<!--:bg-->Резервни части<!--:--><!--:en-->Spare parts<!--:--><!--:de-->Ersatzteile<!--:-->IMG_0016IMG_0024IMG_0025IMG_0039Артикули Враца – Старт 014Артикули Враца – Старт 015IMG_0015DSC00088DSC00582DSC00583DSC00584IMG_0014Артикули Враца – Старт 016Артикули Враца – Старт 017Артикули Враца – Старт 023Артикули Враца – Старт 024Артикули Враца – Старт 025Артикули Враца – Старт 026Артикули Враца – Старт 027Артикули Враца – Старт 028Артикули Враца – Старт 029Артикули Враца – Старт 030Артикули Враца – Старт 031Артикули Враца – Старт 032Артикули Враца – Старт 033Артикули Враца – Старт 039Артикули Враца – Старт 040Артикули Враца – Старт 041Артикули Враца – Старт 060Артикули Враца – Старт 061Артикули Враца – Старт 062Артикули Враца – Старт 079Артикули Враца – Старт 080Артикули Враца – Старт 081Артикули Враца – Старт 082Артикули Враца – Старт 083Артикули Враца – Старт 084Артикули Враца – Старт 085Артикули Враца – Старт 086ГЛАВИНА Ф 500DFHGDRSH

Spare parts

Vratsa Start AD produces castings and spare parts for: the cement industry, food industry, ore output, ceramic industry, electrical and motor transport, machine industry, machines for agriculture and forestry, road and railway construction, water and sewerage and industrial fittings, electric motors and electric hoists, water pumps, etc.
<!--:bg-->Отливки от сив чугун<!--:--><!--:en-->Grey iron castings<!--:--><!--:de-->Abgüsse aus Grauguss <!--:-->580700395807004958070058DSC00250DSC00360DSC00577DSC00578IMG_0005 (2)IMG_0005 (3)IMG_0006 (3)IMG_0007 (3)IMG_0008 (3)IMG_0009IMG_0010IMG_0011IMG_0014IMG_0024

Grey iron castings

The company has the capacity to produce 300 t castings per year with weight of each piece ranging from 0.5 kg to 1100 kg depending on its shape and dimensions. The company produces mainly castings but according to customer's needs castings can be mechanically processed and painted. In order to ensure quality production, we are provided with well equipped modern testing laboratory for chemical, metallographic and spectral analysis of metals and furnace burden materials, for quality control on molding and core mixtures, as well as a laboratory for testing mechanical properties of metals.
<!--:bg-->Отливки от стомана<!--:--><!--:en-->Steel castings<!--:--><!--:de-->Stahlabgüsse<!--:-->IMG_0012IMG_0013IMG_0016КАПАЧКА ГЛУХА И КАПАЧКА ПРОХОДНАЛЕНКЕР, КАПАЧКА ГЛУХА, КАПАЧКА ПРОХОДНА

Steel castings

The production of steel castings is organized in individual production lines in which equipment and machinery for manual or machine moulding is used depending on castings' dimensions; they are provided with machinery for preparation of chemically hardening molding and core mixtures, as well as with machinery for removing, cleaning and finishing of castings. The company has the capacity to produce more than 200 t castings per year with weight of each piece ranging from 1 kg to 600 kg.
<!--:bg-->Отливки от въглеродна и легирана стомана<!--:--><!--:en-->Carbon and alloy steel castings<!--:--><!--:de-->Abgüsse aus Kohlenstoff-und legiertem Stahl<!--:-->DSC00579DSC00580IMG_0008 (2)IMG_0009 (1)IMG_0024IMG_0025

Carbon and alloy steel castings

The company produces castings made of the following types of steel: Carbon steel : from St 20L to St 70L. Low alloy steel: GS 240; GS 300; 70 HL; GS-42CrMo4; St 25HNML. Medium alloy steel: GS34CrNiMo6; High alloy steel: GXCr18Ni25Si2; GX30CrNi; GS-X15CrNiSi25.20
<!--:bg-->Отливки от високолегиран износоустойчив чугун<!--:--><!--:en-->High alloy wear-resistant iron castings<!--:--><!--:de-->Abgüsse aus hochverschleißfestem Gusseisen<!--:-->IMG_0009IMG_0001IMG_0002IMG_0005

High alloy wear-resistant iron castings

The company produces castings made of standard ductile cast iron certified under EN 1695 (GX300NiMo3Mg; GX330NiCr4.2; GX300CrMoNi15.21), as well as made of cast iron with special properties.