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Machinery and Equipment

Model equipmentDSC00612DSC00611DSC00602DSC00601DSC00600DSC00586DSC00587DSC00588DSC00589DSC00590DSC00591DSC00592DSC00594DSC00585DSC00581DSC00613M_Верижни-зъбни-колелета

Model equipment

The production of model-casing equipment is performed in the well equipped model area, including an area for nonstandard equipment and casings repair. Models are produced in accordance with the technical specification provided by the customer or on grounds of a sample and then the technology for the production of model equipment and castings is developed. The design of casting models is performed on the grounds of the plan of the workpiece and the foundry technological instructions for casting and according the shape of the model, as well as the production volume, shrinking of castings in various directions, the moulding method, etc.
Testing machineизпитвателна машина

Testing machine

Testing machine – machine for mechanical testing of tensile strength, pressure and relative elongation.
Melting area. PI 600 Induction FurnaceТопилен учатък Индукционна пещ ПИ 600

Melting area. PI 600 Induction Furnace

PI 600 Induction Furnace – input voltage: 3N ~380V; nominal voltage of furnace inductor: 1500V; Molten metal mass: 630 kg.
FU 401Universal Milling MachineM_Фреза универсална FU 401 _2

FU 401Universal Milling Machine

FU 401Universal Milling Machine – for milling of pieces of various size.

Work table size: 400x1600
1 - slots 5 pcs with dimensions 5x18x80 mm
Table swivel - left and right: 45 degrees
Longitudinal table travel - manual: 1250 mm
Automatic: 1230 mm
Cross table travel - manual: 360 mm
Automatic : 340 mm
Vertical table travel - manual : 460 mm
Automatic : 440 mm
Maximum distance from table top to the spindle axis - 490 mm
Spindle nose taper: ISO 50
Number of spindle speeds: 18
Spindle speed range - normal: 32 - 1600 rpm
optional - 40-2000 rpm
Number of table feeds: stepless
Table feed rate: 10...1000/4...415 mm/min
Table rapid traverse: 2500 / 1040 mm/min
FORMAT 20 Molding Press MachineM_Формовъчна преса ФОРМАТ 20Формовъчна преса ФОРМАТ 20 за автоматично формоване на детайли в каси

FORMAT 20 Molding Press Machine

FORMAT 20 Molding Press Machine for automatic molding of details in casings. Used for the production of sand castings with maximum casing size of 630х500 mm.
Melting area. PI 250 Induction FurnaceM_Топилен учатък Индукционна пещ ПИ 250Топилен учатък Индукционна пещ ПИ 250

Melting area. PI 250 Induction Furnace

PI 250 Induction Furnace – input voltage: 380V; nominal voltage of furnace inductor: 1500V; Molten metal mass: 250 kg.
Hardness testerM_Твърдомер2

Hardness tester

Rockwell and Brinell Hardness Tester – a device used for measuring hardness of cast iron, steel and other metals by using Rockwell's and Brinell's combined method.
C13MB Universal LatheM_Струг универсален С13МВ

C13MB Universal Lathe

C13MB Universal Lathe - for turning of cylindrical workpieces and thread cutting. Size of the processed workpiece with maximum diameter: over the guides 515 mm, over the support 310 mm, of the rod piece 60 mm, without bridge 680 mm, in the slide rest 110 mm, in the main steady rest 140 mm, in the auxiliary steady rest 200 mm; turning length without bridge in front of faceplate 260 mm. Speed range 16 ÷ 2000 rpm.
M PEK-45 FurnaceM_ПЕК-45 Пещ

M PEK-45 Furnace

Furnace for tempering and heat treating of cast iron and steel pieces up to 1000º C-metal tempering, normalizing, ageing. Power 45 кW, frequency 50 Нz, Phases 3, current intensity: 68.4 А, Weight 3000 kg, furnace dimensions - width: 1550 mm, length: 2200 mm, height: 2250 mm.
Awea F16_4 Processing CenterM_Обработващ Център Awea F16_4

Awea F16_4 Processing Center

Awea F16 Processing Center

Standard accessories:
• Spindle system for temperature control
• Three axes auto lubrication system
• Machining air blast system
• Full enclosure splash guard
• Three Axes ball screw pretension
• Dual screw type chip
• Automatic power off system
• Automatic spindle air blast system
• RS-232 interface
• Electronic cabinet and heat exchanger
• Work light
• Operation cycle finish and alarm light
• Spray hose for chip wash down
• Program Manual
• Operation and Maintenance manual
Quantometer for analysis of chemical composition of metals

Quantometer for analysis of chemical composition of metals

SPECTRO MAX quantometer – determines the chemical composition of metals. Makes analysis for traits of carbon, phosphorus, sulphur, nitrogen and of 20 other chemical elements.
Fettling plantM_Дробометна почистваща машина

Fettling plant

DOZAMET-OWD 1000 - 2-table type fettling plant – maximum casting (load) dimensions Ø 1200х1100 mm, permissible loading of working table 1000 kg, Speed of table 6.3 rpm, shot blasting time of a load of iron castings – 8 min., of steel castings – 15 min.
Clamshell bucketM_Грайферна кофа

Clamshell bucket

Automated plant for molding mixture preparationM_авроматична смесоподготвителна инсталация

Automated plant for molding mixture preparation

Automated plant for molding mixture preparation – MK 030B crushing mill is intended for preparation of molding and core mixture of fresh or used, natural or synthetic components.