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Vratsa Start AD

Vratsa Start AD is a well-established producer of single or small batch castings and pieces ranging from 0.100 kg to 800 kg

Since its inception in 1965, the company has been continuously developing and integrating new technologies: production of ferrous and non-ferrous castings; production of instrumental equipment and mechanical finishing of workpieces.

"The greatest strength of the company is constant quality control – from the raw material to the final product."

About us

We produce castings from:

– grey cast iron

– ductile cast iron

– alloy cast iron

– /low and high alloy/ steel

ranging from 0.500 kg to 800 kg.


The company is provided with:

– a modern production department

– laboratory

– moulding and core making machines

– metal melting induction furnaces

– fettling equipment

– mechanical production department


Castings production includes:

– Standard casting technology: sand-bentonite mixture with machine or manual moulding

– CO2 process for manual production of moulds

Cores are produces by:
– oil core mixtures

– CO2 process

– Kroning – process – machine H2,5


You can contact us on:

tel : 00359 879 144 950

00359 887 425 277

fax: 00359 92 648 365


The high and guaranteed production quality at a reasonable price makes our products well accepted both on local and on international markets…