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Production Presentation

Vratsa Start is a well-established producer of single or small batch castings made of:
- grey cast iron
- ductile cast iron
- alloy cast iron
- /low and high alloy/ steel
ranging from 0.500 kg to 800 kg.

The company is provided with:
- a modern production department
- laboratory for control of chemical composition and physical and mechanical properties of metals
- moulding and core making machines ensuring high quality and precision of castings
- metal melting induction furnaces
- fettling equipment and furnaces for heat treatment
- mechanical production department equipped with universal machines and CNC machines

Castings production includes:
- Standard casting technology: sand-bentonite mixture with machine or manual moulding
- CO2 process for manual production of moulds
Cores are produces by:
- oil core mixtures
- CO2 process
- Kroning – process – machine H2,5

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